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Gold & Silver Bullion

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1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz
& 1oz Gold Eagles

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.999 Fine Uncirculated Gold Coin

1oz, 10oz & 100oz
silver bullion

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1oz - 100oz of .999 Fine Silver

Canadian 1oz Silver
& Gold Maple Leafs

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.9999 pure 24kt Gold & Silver

Gold & Silver can be purchased in several ways. There is no "Right"or "Wrong" way to invest. The most
important thing to remember is do what is within your means. Investing into the Gold & Silver bullion
market is just as a risk as the stock market.

If you invest, study charts and determine the best times to purchase. If you look at gold, remember
that there are different premium costs (Spot+) to consider. If you buy 10 1/10 oz coins, your price for
the ounce will be higher than if you purchased a 1oz coin.

Although Gold has been thought as a sign of wealth, Silver has been doing as good if not better for
percentage increases over time. Looking back at historical averages of 20-1 (20 ounces silver to every
ounce of gold), now seeing the ratio nearly 60-1; this makes for a unique time to try silver bullion.
Many feel the historic ratio will be seen again in the future. You can buy anything from Silver Eagles,
bullion, & 90% coins (a.k.a "Junk Silver").

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